Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Difficult Week at the Barred Retreat.....

This has been an interestingly difficult week at the barred retreat.   Things were going fairly well.  I was working on several orders for Christmas cards.  I am an artist so I use that talent to pass my time as well as help the others send cards to family and friends.  This was progressing along very well until one, mind you, ONE unhappy person starts telling the multitudes untruths about me.  Words are free inside these walls so where these men lack in most all other areas, they make up for it in words.  Twisted tales, lavish lies, sadistic stories, and so on.  Basically they are bored.  There are not programs here to keep them occupied. Many have no family support or extra money.  They are at the mercy of the corporations that run this hut.  Its much like the Insurance Companies and the medical profession  now owned by the corporations also.  We are just the little ants running around carrying the big loads trying not to get stepped on by the big guys. So are the guards as well as the office personnel, sadly they haven't figured that out yet.  And so it goes....  The corporations are paid by the government whenever a prisoner is let off the bus at these doors.  Then the canteen takes over, the medical staff says no to treatments, the building is understaffed and everyone that works here is pretty much angry.  They all have their little cubbies so to speak, they get their corporation pay check and we on the inside suffer.  I am not saying whoa poor me.  I am saying we should have rehab and classes and be treated like more than a sub human treats a dog. 
We were on lockdown again because of one nutjob inmate. 1,600 men have to stay in their cells, no showers, bag lunches, no light, over one guy.  You see that saves them $ again.  
Then I find out my "friend" the doctor (has cancer if you recall past post)and isn't receiving any treatment for his illness.  They wont spend the $ on someone whose going to die in about 5 months anyway.   He probably did something very bad in the world, I don't know.  You see inside these walls, my world, I can only judge by how I am treated and he has been a decent person to me as well as he is able to carry on intelligent conversation which is hard to find in here.
Then the guards put us all outside in the freezing weather while they "Shook Down" each cell.  That means they rip all your property off the shelves, throw it all on the floor like I am nothing more then a piece of dog feces.  We live each day treated like sub-sub-humans.  Guess it could be worse.  We could be in China working in a horrible mine shaft!  So.....even though they broke my false teeth cup I am fine and survived another day of hell in Tucson.
So until next time, Be Happy, Be Well, Be Safe.....    Clutch 

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