Monday, September 22, 2014

Rotting Away...........

I am usually a very positive person.  Lately due to feeling physically unfit I believe it has affected my mental positivity. 
I have to lay down for an hour after every meal due to weakness.
I have constant headaches for the past several years.  I believe due to the need to overuse zinc filled Polident glue.  I cant eat without over using it.  I can feel it run down my throat.  Going without teeth in a prison atmosphere is not an option.
It has become very hard for me to organize my legal material like I used to.
I haven't the finances for the copying and certified mailings I need to request.
I live off crap food as I cannot afford the quality items from commissary. 
I am basically rotting away laying in a bunk.
The only thing I have is an occasion book and or magazine from my Mother.
This is what my life has been reduced to.  So naturally I have become a bit more frustrated to say the least. 
I guess this is nothing new........ sorry

P.S.  They drew blood checking me for diabetes.  There are a lot of men here with that disease. And the prison does not offer any special diet. I believe it has come out of the low quality substances they feed us.  This system has failed miserably regarding the well being of all of the human beings in prisoned here and other place such prisons. 

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