Friday, August 29, 2014

"DUMPING" Clutch Cargoe

I haven't posted anything for my son Clutch for over a  year. Time tends to get away from us all.
I had emailed him the other day while in a less then happy mood.  In fact I was rather sad. 
I decided to share some of his wisdom from now on.  I rec'd this after telling him I was sorry.

It's okay
I understand you were "dumping" sorrow.
People need that sometimes.
I do it too.
The trick is don't get mad when someone dumps on you.
Understand they getting it off their chest and mind
and be thankful you were there for them to dump also.
They chose you - what an honor ;-]
Be kind, love well, and move on.
Dump when you need to.
The problem comes in.... when 2 people try to dump on each other at same time.
That never works as each one feels disrespected and the neither is paying enough
attention to the hurt coming from the other.
So in any dumping situation one must choose to be the bigger person
and allow the other to dump doing so with kindness and love,
which avoids arguments.
Thus therein lies the problem due to the fact
most people are so concerned with their own emotions
they become selfish and want to put the other down
and this happens due to the lack of empathy - understanding - compromise
and most of all the lack of understanding communication. As most of us do that incorrectly
hence all the life problems.
At least that's how Isee it.
Have nice day....
Your friends will make ya laugh ;-][

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